Friday, June 28, 2013

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Winter 2012

As you know November started with a sweet and special baptism for our oldest on Alex's birthday! 

Alex turned 2 on November 3 and boy is he 2.  It seemed overnight that he turned 2 and then could suddenly speak well and speak a lot and speak in sentences.  He must have been saving it all up for this special and usually dreaded year of development.  I'm just saying that this opinionated and determined boy now has a voice and words to go with his strong will and we will ALL hear it!

Thanksgiving happens in November and boy was it nice and low-key.  My mom was out of town with Jacob because he and his family welcomed another grand baby (#28) into the Myers brood, so we had our Myers Family Thanksgiving Breakfast anyway at her house while she was away.  I am so glad we did because it was so nice.  We had yummy food and fun conversations and the kids, as always, enjoyed playing together since not all of them get to most of the time. 

I was able to run the local Turkey Trot this year with friends.  Dan ran it too but I can't run a sub 6 minute mile so he finished and then pushed me to the finish line.  Thanks Dan!!  I ran it with Heather and she had planned for us to run it in 29 minutes for which we blew it out of the water.  We ran the 5k race in 27 minutes.  Wahoo!!  We were so happy and proud.  I couldn't have done it without Heather pushing me to do it but I did it!!

Later that day we had Thanksgiving dinner with Jay's extended family in Greeley and the food was superb as always.  The night was calm (since there aren't so many younger kids running around as mine) except for Alex spilling his drink and food and then I took a turn doing it too onto someones lap.  I think I was so tired from my hard run I was a little clumsy.  I don't know what Alex's excuse is but I don't think its as good as mine.  :)
Sadly I  have but one picture from Thanksgiving day and its from my race. 

Me, Heather, and Elise
Turkey Trot
Greeley, Colorado
So heading into December we are gearing up for Christmas and find out my car needs hundreds of dollars worth of work on it and saps our Christmas budget dry.  I was pretty bummed and stressed out about how to pay for presents without using a credit card.  I prayed and prayed and a special Christmas miracle happened.  Our amazing neighbor came over on a day that had been rough because of my worry and handed us a Christmas card with some money in it.  She explained that she had had an impression all day that she needed to give us some money and so that why she was there.  I could not believe how humble I felt and how much faith it must have taken to listen to those feelings and come over to our home and hand us that card with money.  We are so indeed grateful to our Heavenly Father and our sweet sweet neighbor for the blessing that that was in our lives.  I have never felt so undeserving and so completely loved all at the same time.  Miracles DO happen and they happen right under your nose.

Speaking of neighbors, another neighbor had heard about a neat community outreach that involves Santa coming to your house on a firetruck and bringing presents.  Well you know what he came to our neighborhood and into our home to wish a Merry Christmas and bring the kids some gifts.  We did not tell the kids this would be happening and are so glad we didn't.  They were quite surprised and in awe.  Aiden even says to me with wonder on his face, "Santa really is real, huh mom?"  So cool right?  Well everyone came in and got presents and sat on Santa's lap and talked to him and Mrs. Claus about what they wanted for Christmas.  It was such a special and cool event for us to have been apart of and it wouldn't have happened without my cool neighbors.

Santa and Mrs. Claus
Westminster, Colorado

Aiden telling Santa he wanted a Xbox

Mommy and Alex with the Claus'

Since moving to Westminster we have been so blessed with such a wonderful church community and have made some amazing friends.  Some of us decided to get together and have a gingerbread house making contest between couples.  This was serious....and FUN!!  The kids ran around and played while the adults talked smack and stole candy from each other to build the BEST house.  We were given only a certain amount of candy and the same kinds of candy and had to come up with a unique and award-winning house.

Our gingerbread house

Game on Baby!
Jay and I worked well as a team and came up with a perfectly stable and cute house.  Aiden helped our friends out who were patient and kind enough to let him help since his parents don't possess those attributes when it comes to competition.  So anyhow we had only an hour to complete our designs and then we would vote on them.  We were not allowed to vote for your own. Well we came in second to a couple that are artistic by nature so it was a given.  It was such a fun night and are so happy to be having good 'ole fun with new friends. 

Our Ward (congregation) also had a Christmas Party that was quite fun and unique.  It was themed Christmas in Nauvoo so they set up the rooms to have games and crafts that would have been done during the Nauvoo time period. There were things like stick pull, ornament making with nails and jar lids, a post office, and much more.   They also had a "baker" were all the pies that everyone had taken were placed and we could go and get a piece.  It was cool to see all the effort and hard work that those who had planned it had put in and made it such a special night.

Blurry but cute!

Aiden and his friend from church

A week before Christmas we were also able to go to a Myers Family Christmas Dinner at Nate and Kara's new place in Parker.  I am so grateful for Kara's efforts in making the Myers family get together and do stuff all year.  Her hard work and love for the family is such a blessing.  We had ham and salad and then made gingerbread houses.  It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the family. Mom  had some games and the kids loved that.  It was a house full of cousins all excited to see one another.  One special things was our family friend Lee came with his new "friend" who happens to be our cousin so it was fun to catch-up and have her there too. Sadly again, I only have a picture or two from that night.

Cousins showing off there masterpieces
Parker, Colorado
In the midst of the busy holiday season, Jay was promoted to a new and bigger store that happened to be even closer to home BUT it added more stress during the Christmas season.  So a week before Christmas I went to Greeley and stayed through Christmas so Aiden and Alex could enjoy friends and family.  It was nice to be back with old friends and enjoy being the guest everywhere.  Jay joined us on Christmas Eve night and Christmas and had to get back to work the day after Christmas.

Christmas Eve in Mexico is a very long affair. The tradition is to stay up until midnight and open up all your gifts SO that is what we did...with kids no less.  Jay's amazing cousin opened up her new home to us again this year and we had a late dinner (9pm), played games, and then finally exchanged gifts.  The boys had a blast and did surprising well with the late hours that we were there.  The gift exchange is fun and full of laughter because you don't know who picked your name and bought you a gift until the moment they hand you the gift.  This year was given a gift from Jay's cousin's husband's sister (try that on for size).  She gave me exactly what I liked and I was so touched by her considerate gift.  She and I probably would have hit it off even better had I been able to speak more Spanish.  She is from Mexico and was only visiting for Christmas.  I guess I better get on that learning-to-speak-Spanish train, eh ?

So after opening the gifts we headed back to Jay's parents in the snowy night for it was going to be a White Christmas for the first time in years.  We got home and put the kids to bed ASAP and wrapped some presents, stuffed some stockings and headed to bed by 1 am.  I will tell you to NEVER do this.  Going to be so late after your kids go to bed so late on a holiday is not a recipe for love, patience, and joy.  It is a recipe for grumpy, short-fuses, and crying.  I won't go into details but we were so tired and so were the kids we couldn't get along very well. We survived and have laughed about how horrible we were and hope NOT to do that next year.

Compradres siempre
Translation: Friends always
Greeley, Colorado

Enjoying the loot
Greeley, Colorado

Being cute
Greeley, Colorado
New church clothes
Greeley, Colorado

Grandpa is the center of the Universe for these boys
Greeley, Colorado

Nerf Swords
Greeley, Colorado

Dad and his faces
Greeley, Colorado

As tradition goes we went bowling on Christmas Day. This year was fun as always and it was even better because Dan payed every ones bill.  I tell you have a great family.  I am so blessed.  I love that this is a tradition my mom started when my parents divorced 20 or so years ago and it has really been a family saver.  I have the best family we just don't like to be around each other ALL the time, which I have finally accepted as a blessing.  Not all families are the same and mine is just that mine.  Thank you Christmas for giving me a sense of love and pride for my unique but lovingly loyal family.
Aiden and Cole
Greeley, Colorado
David, Sebastian, Rowan, and Kieran
Greeley, Colorado
Kimball and Grandma
Greeley, Colorado

Jay's birthday was a little more low-key this year for which I am grateful but I did make him a new and yummy chocolate cake with a cheesecake layer and homemade frosting cake and his parents came and made some divine Mexican yumminess.  We were also blessed by our good friends the Gerbers with another homemade cake and fun!  Jay felt truly blessed.  I am so grateful for such a wonderful husband and best friend who makes me want to do and be more and has helped me become the woman and person I have always dreamed of but never thought I could be.  He is funny to a fault, accepting, kind, determined, hard working, and most of all MINE.  I love you babe! 

Jay's Birthday Cake
(courtesy of the Gerbers)
Westminster, Colorado

So our year was full and fun and I am so grateful for the Lord's hand in my life daily.  I hope next year will be just as rewarding. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sarah's Race

So as I was compiling my thoughts for this post I realized I left our a cool thing from the fall post so I am just going to include it in this one.

In October after nearly a year of planning I participated in my very first half-marathon!  I know right I am crazy but oh it was so awesome!  It all started when my friend Alicia and I wanted to get together again around my birthday (last year we went to San Diego together) but do something cool.  So she convinced me I could run a half and so we decided to just do it.  We also decided on doing the Pink Series Half Marathon in Park City, Utah.  We also decided to each invite a friend (or 2 in Alicia's case) and make it a fun weekend and stay at a hotel in Park City.  Well let me tell you our move to the Foothills of Denver paid off in my training.  I live amongst so many hills that ALL of my running was hill training which made me quite fit for the Park City mountain run. 

Back to the story, I invited my new friend (now awesome friend) Heather to come and run it with me because she is a veteran runner and racer.  I helped her train for the NYC Marathon back in 2011 so I knew we were very compatible running partners.  Alicia ended up invited 2 friends and we all met up on the day before the race in Park City.  Heather was gracious enough to drive us (and her kiddos) to Utah so we could do the trip more cheaply and so she could leave her kids with her family.  The ride out was fabulous and more than perfect.

The night we met up we all checked out our high-end hotel room and then walked around in the rain to find a fun place to eat.  We found a place and I can't remember what it was called but it was yummy! We then went back to the hotel and decided to go out to the store to get some pre-race breakfast items and anything else anyone wanted.  Once we got back to the hotel we stuffed ourselves into the jacuzzi tub on the deck in the rain!  It was so much fun and we took turns kinda sitting on top of one another to actually sitting in the water and laughed our heads off for some time.  Then we all decided to turn in since we had to get up early for our LONG run tomorrow.  Well you  know how girls are and we ended up talking for hours to our bed mate and didn't get to sleep until after midnight. 
The gals (Heathers taking the pic) waiting on the bus
Park City, Utah

The morning of the race was drizzly but not freezing and we all packed onto these buses that would take us to the start of the race.  We waited an HOUR on the bus, yuck but once we started moving it was fine.  We get to the start and they have like 10 port-a-pottys for hundreds of women..LAME!  We all stood in line till the last minute and barely finished tinkling before the race started.
Photo Op time while waiting for the potty
Heather and Sarah
Park City, Utah

More Photo Op time at the potty
Lishy and Sarah
Park City, Utah

Needless to say the race started in the rain got pretty and then started pouring the last 3 miles or so.  I felt amazing and just enjoyed the race.  I was so prepared for the hills  that I didn't even notice any really.  I just ran my heart out and only nearly threw up once which was because I ate a flavor of running gel that was NASTY!  I finished in 2 hours 15 minutes and was so happy!  I really couldn't believe I had done it.  All of us girls finished within 30 or so minutes of each other and we all hugged and laughed and then sadly Alicia's 2 friends had to go there own ways quickly.  So Heather, Alicia, and I headed back and showered and got ready and went to Cafe Rio to get lunch and shop at the Outlets in Park City.  We had a blast and I am so grateful for a hubby that made the trip possible by taking work off and taking care of the kids while I was gone having fun!!

Rachel, Alicia, Sarah, and Heather (missing Lauren)
Park City, Utah

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aiden's Baptism

As we approached this wonderful and special day I got more and more emotional which for those of you that know me is kinda unusual.  I just kept thinking about how old and grown-up Aiden was becoming and felt so inadequate and overwhelmed by my job as a mother.  Needless to say, the day came and boy was it wonderful!
On the morning of November 3, 2012 our sweet 8 year old entered the waters of baptism with his dad and was baptised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  That morning we rushed around getting ready so we could be at the church 30 minutes early, like they told us to be.  Well certain members of our family (not pointing any fingers but it was another adult) were late getting ready so we left much later than I had wanted to and so I had to take some deep breathes and calm down are remember what the day was really about and just focus on enjoying the rest of the day. We made it to the church early enough and most of my family and Jay's were there BEFORE us but that is beside the point right? 
Aiden and one other child from the Stake (aka area) was baptised that day yet most of the group that came to the baptism were our family and friends. My mom and dad were there, Jay's parents, ALL my siblings minus Ben and Tina because they are in Hawaii, and Jay's sister and hubby.  We also had our good friends the Lubecks there, our neighbors the Shorts, and some new friends from our Ward (congregation).  I felt surrounded by love and comfort having all of them there.
The baptism itself was so touching and very tender for me.  Aiden was beaming with pride and purity.  I was so proud of him and so grateful Jay could perform the baptism and that Aiden's grandfathers were there to witness it.
After the baptism the talk about the Holy Ghost was given by my dad.  I just have to say it was one of the most spiritual and simple talk that explained the significance of the gift of the Holy Ghost and the guidance and comfort it would provide.  I am so grateful for my father's inspiration and ability to teach with such power and tenderness. 
Jay, the grandpas, my brothers, our brother in-law and our bishop were able to stand in the circle when Aiden was confirmed a member and given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  The blessing was touching and inspired.  I just had a deep and lasting impression that Aiden was meant for great things and he would be a true light in this long as I remained close to the Spirit as I raised him.  Jay did so well and is such an amazingly spiritual and humble man and I am grateful he was able to offer such a beautiful blessing. 
I want to mention that during all of this Alex was a bit of a mess and if it weren't for my awesome neighbor and my super cool niece who took Alex out and calmed him down or distracted him I wouldn't have had such a nice time. 
I am truly blessed and so thankful for such a wonderful husband and children.